September 6, 2020
7 months and 15 days left
until our reunion.
This Is It..... The Big 5-0

Done That & And Got The T-Shirt....
humm The Picture

Now Our  70 yr Birthday is Coming Up

North Hills Baptist Church

(next to SHS Campus- same as Reunion)

Good-Bye Breakfast TBA @ Bash


On behalf of your SHS '67 50th Class Reunion Team, we would like to welcome you to our offical SHS '67 website.

A recent article in a well known newpaper talked about the very special nostalgia of high school graduations.

"they have an emotional payload,
a poignancy that is impossible to exaggerate.
It's a completion of a journey,
an affirmation so strong and so enduring that it's unlikely to be surpassed - or replicated - in our lifetimes". -Boston Globe

After all, many of us have known each other since grammar school days, our friends families and neighbors have watched us since we were kids involved in school activites, sports, braces, school plays, scouts, music recitals, drivers ed, friendships, break-ups, sad times and fun times.

We have a "special history' that isn't easily experienced from other life encounters. It was no surprise to us, as we have been hearing from many of you, that you are still in touch with these old friends even after 50 years! We are planning a weekend to reunite. (plans in the making) A weekend to strengthen and renew those bonds and special memories - and even if you have never been to a reunion before what a wonderful trip you will have down memory lane.

We are all so lucky to be at a point in our lives in which we are healthy enough to attend this reunion so we are looking forward to seeing many of you there... and as the old adage continues to ring true -

"old friends are forever"
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